Al-Khelaifi hits back at Tebas saying “Ligue 1 is better than LaLiga”.

Photo Credits: PSG Twitter

Al-Khelaifi hits back at the LaLiga president Tebas saying “Ligue 1 is better than LaLiga”.

Tebas filed a complaint about Paris Saint-Germain’s recent Kylian Mbappe deal. LaLiga filed the complaint to the UEFA he also claimed that “This is a scandal”

In a press conference at which Mbappe was present, Al-Khelaifi told reporters: “I think the president of Ligue 1 can answer that. Maybe he is afraid that Ligue 1 is better than LaLiga [Santander],”

“That’s good for us. LaLiga is not the same as it was three or four years ago. I have respect for all the clubs , but we need respect too . Respect is crucial.

“I’m not going to go into what you’ve asked because it’s none of my business. We’re focused on our club, on the best player in the world. That’s what concerns us.

“We have the best player in the world with us for three years. What other people say is not an issue. We don’t listen to it, we focus on our project.”

Al-Khelaifi was also asked about the renewal of Mbappe and the figures involved. He replied: “We are not going to make the figures public, but the most important thing for Mbappe is part of the sporting project,” he said.

“It’s a great day for all PSG fans and it’s very important for us and for Ligue 1. We stay with the best player in the world, it’s a dream to win, win and win. We will be one of the best leagues in the world and we have given Kylian the best conditions to win, win and win.

“Thanks to his family because they believe in our project. We want to continue making history with Kylian, we are here to win and make more history in the club.”

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