Aleksander Ceferin: “I will say that UEFA is not a monopoly,”

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Aleksander Ceferin in his recent interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport he said that no one is willing to join the Super League.

However, he also this that UEFA is not a monopoly and he also said no one is willing to join the Super League except Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus.

“I will say that UEFA is not a monopoly,” Ceferin told La Gazzetta dello Sport, Via Marca.

“You are free to be in it or not. You can participate in our cups or organise your own. But then, it’s logical that you don’t play in ours, isn’t it?

“Whatever the decision of the court, nothing changes – the Super League is dead because nobody wants to participate. I only see three people angry with everyone, taking everyone to court.”

UEFA President also spoke about his relationship with Real Madrid President Florentino Perez.

“I was with Florentino Perez and I respected the protocol, UEFA is not my property,” Ceferin added.

“In the final in Paris, we were side by side. We congratulated each other, but that’s all.”

Moreover, Aleksander Ceferin also revealed that he maintains a good relation with Paris Saint-Germain President.

“My good relationship is not with PSG, but with the president of the ECA,” Ceferin noted.

“He is one of those who understood and defended the European model, unlike other European [clubs’] presidents.”

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