Emerson Royal was robbed and almost killed in Brazil

Premier League

Tottenham Hotspur right-back Emerson Royal experienced a terrible thing on his post-season holiday in Brazil.

Emerson Royal experienced the robbery. Moreover, shots were fired at the scene. However, the player says around 17 shots were fired.

In an interview with Sportv Emerson said : “At that moment, God somehow controlled me… because I felt that nothing was happening,”

“I approached the thief, telling him: ‘Calm down, calm down, everybody calm down, I’ll give you whatever you want’.

“When I gave him what he wanted, I approached him, because I had already seen his evil look. I saw that it wasn’t just the watch.

“When I gave it to him, he moved away and pulled his gun to shoot me. As he was about to shoot me, I pushed him, I hit the gun and he shot into the air.

“It was at that moment, when I pushed him, he lost his balance and the policeman shot him. Then, he starts running.”

“I mean, it’s God at that point. Because we were in a square, there were 15 people or so. In a small square. And he started shooting all over the place and he didn’t hit anybody.

“He fired 17 or 19 shots, if I’m not mistaken. He had a pistol that was a 9mm, if I’m not mistaken, semi-automatic. It is a weapon that is not normal for a thief, nor for a policeman.

“So I understood that it was a moment that could cost me my life, but it taught me a lesson to be careful. And now I’m calm.”

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