Emmanuel Macron has desire of appointing Zidane as new PSG coach

Photo Credits: PSG Twitter

Emmanuel Macron has expressed his feelings on appointing former Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane as Paris Saint-Germain coach.

Zinedine Zidane has won back-to-back three Champions League with Real Madrid. However, it looks like he is likely to replace Mauricio Pochettino at Paris Saint-Germain.

On Wednesday, Macron told RMC Sport: “No, I haven’t spoken [to Zidane], but I have great admiration for him, as a player and coach,”

“He won three Champions League titles with Real Madrid, which is something we want for our clubs. I want him to come back to promote France.

“I hope, for the impact on the French league and for France, that [Zidane] comes back and coaches a big French club, it would be great.

“My role is to say that France is a great nation for sport and football, that there are great people who love this sport. It is important for us that the best players we have trained, who have sometimes shone at international level, can come back.”

Moreover, Emmanuel Macron said he also advised Kylian Mbappe to renew his contract and stay at PSG.

“I spoke to Mbappe to advise him to stay,” said Macron.

“My role is to defend the country.”

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