FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta talks about Messi’s exit

Joan Laporta

FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta marked one year on March 7th after returning to the club in 2021.

On his anniversary as the President, he shared his thoughts and feelings on many important topics. Joan Laporta expressed his feelings about Messi’s departure, Koeman’s sacking and the appointment of Xavi.

“It is the saddest decision of all,” “I would never have wanted to make it, but I am not sorry either because we had to put the club above everything, which is what we did, even ahead of the best player.” FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta on Messi’s departure.

“I had doubts after the first season, but out of respect for him we tried.” FC Barcelona President Joan Laporta on Ronald Koeman “There came a time when I saw that another painful decision had to be made. If I had had to make it earlier? Yes. I had to have listened to the intuition.” Laporta added.

“Xavi is responding in style to the opportunity given to him by the Club. I am sure he will bring us happiness for years to come.”

“Xavi has changed the team’s mentality. We can see that there is a future and in the present he can give us joy in the Europa League and why not in the league, it’s difficult but we are fighting.” Laporta says according to Barcelona’s official website. Barcelona president Joan Laporta on Xavi.

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