Granit Xhaka says “if someone is not ready for this game, stay at home”

Arsenal FC
Photo Credits: Arsenal FC Twitter

After their 2-0 loss of Arsenal to Newcastle United, Granit Xhaka had some harsh words to say about his side’s performance.

Arsenal player Granit Xhaka said the team “didn’t deserve” to be on the pitch at St James’ Park.

After losing to Newcastle United, Arsenal are now two points behind their rivals, Tottenham Hotspur, on the table. 

“We came here to show a different game but from the first minute until the 90th minute we didn’t deserve to be on the pitch today.

“I can’t explain to you. We didn’t do what the game plan was. Not listening to the coaches. Doing our things. And then when we do our things this game happened what happened. It was a disaster performance and like this, you don’t deserve to play Champions League, you don’t deserve to even play Europa League, and it’s very hard to take it at the moment.

“I don’t know why we are not doing what the coach is asking for us.”

“I don’t know… if someone is not ready for this game, stay at home. Simple as that.

“It doesn’t matter the age. You can be 30, you can 35, you can be 10, you can be 18.

“If you’re not ready for that, if you’re nervous, stay on the bench, stay at home, don’t come here.

“We need people to have the balls — I’m sorry to say this — to come here to play because we know this game is one of the most important games for us.

“I feel very, very sorry for the people who came here, for the Arsenal supporters, but this is not the way we want to go and that’s the only thing I can say, and to say sorry to them. I don’t have any other words.”

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