Guardiola says Manchester City fans to behave if they win the League

Pep Guardiola

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has told fans to behave themselves if the club wins the Premier League title on Sunday.

Sheffield United’s Billy Sharp was assaulted after his team lost to Nottingham Forest in a play-off semifinal. 

Moreover, Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira was involved in an altercation on the pitch at Goodison Park.

Manchester City of Pep Guardiola are first in the league table with one game remaining. However, second-placed Liverpool are just a point behind with one game remaining.

On Friday, Guardiola told a news conferences: “They have to be careful, what happened at Goodison and Port Vale and other games the Championship semifinal a lot of emotions and happiness, it is a dangerous situation and we have to try to behave as good as possible,”

“Have the celebration at the right moment. It’s dangerous, I understand Patrick because you never know how people will react.”

“I would say because it’s [the Premier League title] more difficult,” Guardiola added. “It’s satisfying because it’s every day. It gives you the sense we enjoy a lot.

“When you win and win it gives a good training session and mood, it’s not like the FA Cup it’s a routine, the most difficult thing in our lives, we need great experiences. In terms of the Premier League it’s every day, every week and that’s that.”

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