João Cancelo was attacked by burglars

Manchester City
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João Cancelo was attacked at his home on Thursday evening, leaving the Manchester City defender with facial injuries. He has labelled the four intruders “cowards.”

João Cancelo posted a photo of himself on Instagram, showing him with a cut above his right eye and scars. “Unfortunately today I was assaulted by four cowards who hurt me and tried to hurt my family.”

“When you show resistance this is what happens. I don’t know how there are people with such meanness. The most important thing for me is my family and luckily they are all OK. After so many obstacles in my life this is just one more that I will overcome. Firm and strong, like always.”

Manchester City said: “We are shocked and appalled that João Cancelo and his family were subjected to a burglary at their home this evening during which João was also assaulted. João and his family are being supported by the club and he is helping the police with their enquiries as they investigate this very serious matter.”

There is still doubt if Cancelo will travel with the team to face Arsenal. Manchester City is currently leading the Premier League by 9 points.

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