Leandro Paredes on Messi: “He wanted to kill me”

Lionel Messi
Photo by Rafael Amado Deras©

Leandro Paredes reveals that Lionel Messi wanted to kill him in the clash of Paris Saint-Germain against Barcelona in the Champions League.

However, Leandro Paredes and Lionel Messi are now best friends. Both of them share the dressing room with Argentina national team.

Messi did not take kindly to a kick from his teammate, possibly due to the 4-1 thrashing Barcelona received on Champions League night. Lionel Messi was irritated by a comment made by Paredes and not by the foul made by Paredes.

Paredes told Caja Negra: “He got angry, because I had made a comment to my teammates and he heard me, and he got angry,”

“He was really angry. He f***ed me up. It was bad. He wanted to kill me and I wanted to go home.”

“Afterwards I saw him in the national team and he acted as if nothing had happened,” he said.

“He showed me what he is like as a person. The relationship continued as it was. Now, when the conversation comes up, we talk about it and laugh, but he was really angry [then].

“He wanted to kill me.”

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