Leonardo former PSG sporting director speaks about his exit

Premier League

Former Paris Saint-Germain Sporting Director Leonardo speaks about his exit from Paris Saint-Germain says “I’m leaving without any bitterness.”

“We talked about it with the club,” according to Marca, Leonardo told L’Equipe. “Maybe it’s the way I am, but it’s always a bit pathetic for me to say ‘thank you very much, goodbye…’.

“It wasn’t important to do a press release. My relationship with PSG has always been linked to too much emotion.

“I’m leaving without any bitterness.”

The were many rumours saying Kylian Mbappe asked PSG to sack Leonardo if they wanted to renew his contract. However, Leonardo was not aware of that thing.

“No, they didn’t tell me that,” Leonardo insisted. “But I don’t want to go into those things. And the fact that we have kept a player of this level, who is French and Parisian, is important for PSG and Ligue 1.

“It’s your judgement that it’s shocking that it the news came on the night when Mbappe renewed and we won the title. Judging is easier than making a decision.

“Making decisions is not easy. They made the decision, it may surprise you, but it’s their decision. Everyone is under pressure.”

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