Liverpool have announced Wasabi as their new cloud storage partner

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Liverpool have partnered up with Wasabi, a cloud storage firm. Wasabi, which offers organisations hot cloud storage, will become the club’s official cloud storage partner.

We have welcomed Wasabi Cloud as our new official cloud storage partner, said Liverpool on Instagram.

Clubs are seeking for ways to control massive volumes of data and keep them safely. The sports sector is becoming increasingly data-driven, from analytics that drive player development to fan experience and security.

“We are always searching for ways to develop and enhance the technology we use to store and communicate vital files and information across the business.” said Drew Crisp.

“Data is becoming increasingly central to how the world of sports operates. As a result, our data is incredibly valuable, so safely and efficiently storing and accessing that information is critical to the way we operate as a business and a football club. So we’re excited to welcome Wasabi Technologies as our new cloud storage partner.

Wasabi says it allows clients to store and instantly access data. It is important for Liverpool to store important data and access it. Also Wasabi’s cheif marketing said in an interview that “We are six times faster than the fastest one out there,”

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