Louis van Gaal reveals he has prostate cancer

Louis van Gaal

Former Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal, who is now the manager of the Netherlands, recently revealed he has prostate cancer.

Manchester United tweeted and showed him support when the news came out.

While promoting a new documentary about his life, Van Gaal admitted the fact on the Dutch television show Humberto on Sunday evening.

The 70-year-old revealed on a Dutch talk show that he has an “aggressive form of prostate cancer” and has undergone “25 radiotherapy sessions”. In spite of this, Van Gaal has insisted he will travel to Qatar for the World Cup.

“They don’t know. They see a blush on my cheeks and think, ‘what a healthy (person) that is’. That is of course not the case.” Louis van Gaal said. He also added: “I’ve been through a lot with illnesses, including with my own wife. So that’s just part of life.”

Louis van Gaal took over the Netherlands team in August 2021. This is the third time he has taken charge of the Netherlands team. 

He also coached them in the 2014 World Cup and that year they ended their campaign in third place after losing to Argentina in the semi-final.

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