Mark Noble won’t change his mind about retiring even if West Ham plays UCL next Season

Mark Noble
Photo Credits: West Ham United Twitter

Mark Noble says he won’t change his mind about retiring at the end of the season, even if his club wins the Europa League.

Mark Noble has been at West Ham United since 2004. However, the West Ham United captain announced last year in March that he would retire at the end of this campaign.

West Ham are in the semi-final of the Europa League and if they win this competition, it will result in automatic Champions League qualification. 

When Mark Noble was asked if he would delay his decision if West Ham United qualified for the Champions League. Noble said: “The reason we’d get into the Champions League is by winning the Europa League.

“Winning and lifting the trophy, would I come back? No. And that’s my honest answer. To end on that would be pretty special.”

“I was joking with the lads the other day saying if that did happen, I would happily come watch the Champions League games with the Europa League trophy on the next chair. But that is way down the line.”

“I’ve given my life to this club. Through the bad times and the tough times.”

“The one mainstay for the last 19 years has been myself.”

“I’m proud of that, but winning the competition would be life-changing for all these players.”

“Also, for a club and fanbase that has really stuck with their team. We get 60,000 every week. It would be a really good payback for them.”

West Ham United are having a great Europa League conference. They defeated Lyon 1-4 in the quarter-finals over two legs.

And in the semi-final, they will face Eintracht Frankfurt after knocking out Barcelona in the quarter-final on a 3-4 aggregate score.

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