Paris Saint-Germain to make Mbappe highest paid player in the world

Photo Credits: PSG Twitter

To prevent Mbappe from leaving the club in the summer, Paris Saint-Germain have made a record-breaking offer.

Kylian has four months left on his contract and would earn around one million euros, making him the highest-paid player. Mbappe demonstrated to Paris Saint-Germain that he is an important asset to the team by scoring the game-winning goal in injury time against Real Madrid.

Mauricio Pochettino said, “I don’t think Mbappé’s decision on whether to stay at PSG or not depends on this tie.” “Hopefully he spends his entire career at PSG, which would be a very good sign for us and the club. For me he is a player who is in the top five of the world without any doubt.”

Real Madrid are confident that Mbappe will play for them, but PSG are not willing to let the forward go so easily, as the saga appears to have taken another turn.

It will be fascinating to see how Real Madrid plays in the second leg following a narrow defeat to PSG.

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