Paulo Dybala confirms he will leave Juventus after season ends

Paulo Dybala

After joining Juventus from Palermo in 2015, Paulo Dybala has announced that he is leaving the club after this season.

However, it is still unknown where Paulo Dybala will play next season. Though he is strongly linked with Serie A giants Inter Milan.

Paulo Dybala will play his last match at home against Lazio and after that he will play his last match for Juventus against Fiorentina.

Dybala said in a thread on Twitter: “It is difficult to find the right words, as we’ve been together for many years and had so many emotions together,”

“I thought we would be together for even more years, but fate has put us on different paths.

“I will never forget everything that Juventus has given me, every game, every goal.

“With you, Juventus, I matured, learned, lived and dreamed.

“We have had seven years of magic, 12 trophies and 115 goals that no one will ever take away from us. Never.

“Thank you for supporting me in difficult times, but tomorrow will be my last game with this shirt. It’s hard to imagine, but it will be our last goodbye.

“It won’t be easy, but I will step onto the pitch with a smile and my head held high, knowing that I have given everything for Juventus.”

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