Phil Foden and his mother were involved in a fight

Manchester City
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Following Manchester City’s 3-2 loss to Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday, there were appalling scenes involving Phil Foden and his mother.

The incident occurred at Manchester’s AO Arena. Few people mocked Phil Foden for his team’s performance against Tottenham. Phil informed fellow guests of the abuse he had received from a number of people outside their door before family members came to confront the group.

The incident became more serious when Foden’s mother Claire was punched in the face. Later, Another member of Foden’s group picked up a fire extinguisher to defend the player.

The Greater Manchester Police Department stated that they had not received any reports of an incident at the venue.

‘We are shocked and appalled about the nature of the abuse and ensuing assault on one of Phil’s family members. We will continue to give Phil and his family all the support and assistance they need.’

According to club sources, there is a rising issue of footballers being targeted while out on social occasions.

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