Ronaldinho thinks new Paris Saint-Germain should be given time

Photo Credits: PSG Twitter

According to Ronaldinho, Paris Saint-Germain do not need to make significant changes to their squad.

Paris Saint-Germaain lost to Real Madrid in the round of 16 by the aggregate score of 3-2.

After failing to win the Champions League this year, Paris Saint-Germain are considering making changes to the team. However, former Paris Saint-Germain player Ronaldinho thinks otherwise.

Ronaldinho thinks new players should be given time to adapt to playing under Mauricio Pochettino.

He wondered in an interview for RMC: “You want to change everything?”

“You want to have what? The worst players in the world? (laughs) You have to wait until they understand this new way of living and playing football. And the rest will come little by little. This adaptation is normal, to get things right.

“[Neymar] is one of the best players in the world.

“He has had several injuries this year. When he’s 100 per cent, he’s a really special player for this team.

“Neymar, [Angel] Di Maria, [Lionel] Messi… The best players are together. If you’re not happy with that, who are you going to play with?”.

Ronaldinho is going to travel to the Champions League final between Reak Madrid and Liverpool on 29th May at the Stade de France.

“They are two good teams,” he noted.

“They have very good players. I wish them the best. Real Madrid are very good. They do a great job. But as I like Barcelona a lot, I’m with Liverpool (laughs).”

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