The Premier League is reversing the emergency Covid-19 measures

Premier League
Photo Credits: Premier League Twitter

The Premier League has begun to remove emergency Covid rules, with the goal of completely eliminating the measures by March.

The Premier League is reversing the emergency Covid-19 measures that were put in place in December. Masks will no longer be required indoors beginning Friday, and treatment limits will be lifted at club training grounds.

A statement released on Thursday: “At today’s Premier League shareholders’ meeting, it was decided to remove a number of the Covid-19 emergency measures from Friday, 11 February.

Coverings will no longer be required in indoor spaces as of Friday, and the treatment limit will be removed, as will testing, which will be reduced to twice weekly.

Tests will be done the day before matches and on all training days. PCR tests performed only to confirm a positive lateral flow result. The League also confirmed in a that it intends to discontinue the other emergency measures by the end of February.

The change follows the government’s updated testing and isolation policy, which places less emphasis on PCR tests. This was the first weekly decrease in positive tests in eight weeks, following a week with a record 103 positives.

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