The UK goverment wants the Champions League final to be moved

UEFA Champions League Trophy
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With the rising tension between Russia and Ukraine, The Champions League final stands at a dubious end. Consequently, UEFA has to make a major decision regarding its next move.

Furthermore, Prime Minister of UK, says “It is inconceivable that major international football tournaments can take place in Russia after the invasion of a sovereign country.”

Additionally, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Manchester United are in the knock out stage of Champions League.

After Russian forces entered eastern Ukraine, Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries questioned Russia’s right to host major sporting events. She took it to twitter and stated:

UEFA has had previous experience of relocating, as it had to change the venue of the Champions League finals to Portugal due to the pandemic. However, at the moment, UEFA has not confirmed any clear signs of relocation.

“UEFA is considering moving this season’s Champions League final in response to the threat of conflict between Russia and Ukraine.”

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